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sergio rodriguez ciclismo podcast euskadi murias

Hello Everyone!

I am Sergio Rodríguez and I have been a rider for the team Euskadi-Murias for the last two seasons.

As many of you might know, at the end of the 2019 season, the team will disappear. It is a real shame for cycling, for the supporters and, of course, for everyone who has been part of this wonderful project.

Euskadi-Murias’ farewell, added to the disappearing of other teams this season, leaves lots of cyclist with an unknown future, despite having won and been on podiums. But in cycling not only the winners work. For them to win, the rest of the team must work really hard behind the scenes, before even going live on TV. A fundamental job for the leaders to achieve their objectives.

The task of the domestique supporting the list of winners means that when looking for a new team, the sacrifice that has been made during the whole season is not shown. 

Lot of my teammates have already found a team for the next season, but some of us are still fighting to find a place, following this upsetting goodbye.

For those that do not know me, I won the Amateur Elite Spanish Championships 2017. That year I was able to compete in the championships thanks to the Fundación Euskadi, that allowed me to come back to racing after the bad experience in the Equipo Bolivia. This victory allowed me to enter in the professionalism with the Euskadi-Murias team, a dream I had been pursuing since I was a kid. Once I entered into the professionalism, I had very clear that I had to adopt a role in the professional cycling. I have always loved teamwork, and my physical qualities for this sport have taken me to be one of the domestiques, the workers of the Euskadi-Murias team, for the time I have been with them. 

sergio rodriguez ciclismo podcast euskadi murias

There have been many occasions when I have had to ride in front of the peloton, or get into the breakaway, like in the GP Indurain or the Tro Bro León. A job that I loved and has always been very welcomed by the team.

But the “dark side” of the domestique is the lack of results. When doing your task you sacrifice your personal results for the good of the team, and that, when looking for a team, makes everything more complicated.

Beyond this, it has been a very hard year. At the beginning of June, in the Tour de Luxembourg, after doing several very good stages and feeling in good shape, I suffered a fall that caused a strong blow to my knee.

What did not seem to be very serious, resulted in resting for a month without touching a bicycle … with what that entails. After overcoming this bump, I returned to training with big excitement, but suddenly, in the month of August, an iron deficiency anemia stopped me again. Which meant that I had to start over again …

Yes, it felt that all that could go wrong happened this year. I could barely train and compete since June until September.

Finally, from September till now, October, there have not been many problems. I have focused on enjoying the last races of the season, as those might be my last races as a professional. My eagerness is intact, which is to continue being a professional cyclist, a good domestique, as I think I have been so far. I feel that I still have a lot more to offer, that I have a lot of cycling still in my legs, enough strength to help the team achieve their targets.

sergio rodriguez ciclismo podcast euskadi murias

However, in order for this to happen, I trust that the opportunity will arise, since the domestiques are the glue, the key part for others to win, for the team to succeed.  

In this last week, I will only focus on enjoying the last races, with the legendaries Paris – Tours and Paris – Bourges, to enjoy every last kilometer of each of the race like if it was the last one. 

Thank you to all of those who are willing to help me spreading this message! #LetMeRide

Sergio Rodriguez.

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